Refund Policy

All payments are final and nonrefundable. In the event of an emergency or a specific situation a parent may request a special request for a refund. A refund may be issued in this situation only at the discretion of the administration of Punch Kikk Fit. There will be no refunds or make-ups for missed days.

Medications and Allergies Policy

Parents and guardians must notify Punch Kikk Fit and their coaches club if their child needs to have medications on hand for allergies or medical conditions. Parents and guardians should also discuss any other medical limitations or concerns with Punch Kikk Fit. Any student with a brace or bandage will not be allowed to participate in Punch Kikk Fit if his or her injury may impair activities.

Emergency Policy

In the event of an emergency the staff of Punch Kikk Fit has the ability to make a decision on behalf of your child to secure the safety of your child; in the event Punch Kikk Fit cannot reach a guardian or it is of the essence that said emergency needs swift action.

Photo Policy

By agreeing to these terms and conditions all parents and guardian provide permission to Punch Kikk Fit to photograph or video tape their child during Punch Kikk Fit classes for exclusive use on our website, on our social media platforms, and marketing materials. Parents and guardians must contact Punch Kikk Fit to request that their child not be photographed or video taped.

Liability Waiver and Release

Parents or legal guardians of children participating in any Punch Kikk Fit assume full responsibility for all risks taken and injuries incurred by their child(ren) while participating in any event or activity of Punch Kikk Fit. By completing this registration form, you, as the legal guardian of the registered child listed above, acknowledge that Punch Kikk Fit activities have inherent risks and agree to assume all risks and hazards incident to your child’s participation . You further release and forever hold harmless Punch Kikk Fit; employees of Punch Kikk Fit, executive board members of Punch Kikk Fit; and any and all persons acting on behalf of these organizations or individuals, from any claims, losses, or injury sustained during or in connection with your child’s participation in any Punch Kikk Fit activity, including but not limited to medical expenses or any other form of monetary or other loss.

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Program Description

The Punch Kikk Fit is a 12-week, fun, engaging and effective program to help motivate elementary school children enhance their physical activity pursuits. Designed to teach and promote health related fitness in a safe and enjoyable manner while emphasizing the importance of Social Emotional wellbeing. Physical education teachers can also use this program as part of their fitness lessons. They can also align it to the National and State Physical Education Learning Standards and the New York City Department of Education K - 5SHAPE Physical Education Scope and Sequence.

About our Team

Rapiere Williamson is a highly motivated and dedicated fitness enthusiast whose true calling for working with children is to help them learn, stay healthy while having fun is his mission. He is CPR/First Aid Certified and is Concussion certified.

Students will receive

Personal materials which will include: 1 set of gloves, and a t-shirt.

Program Scope

The program will be offered once per week for one hour resulting in a 12-week training cycle. Maximum enrollment: 25 students Each training session will focus on a variety of fitness concepts. Lessons will be led by a Punch Kikk Fit staff member. When possible, there will be a supervisor from Punch Kikk Fit on-site.

Program Deliverables

This program is a 12-week fitness and educational program. The schedule is subject to change based on student need and agreed direction of school administrators.


Week 1: Introduction to Community Building and Wellness Week 2: Health Related Fitness Games and Drills Week 3: Skill Related Fitness Games and Drills Week 4: Boxing Stance and Shadow Work Drills Week 5: Unilateral and Contralateral Work and Drills Week 6: Balance and Explosion Work and Drills Week 7: Compound Movements Drills Week 8: Self-Created Movements and Drills Week 9: Agility and Evading Drills Week 10: Team Work – Community Building Week 11: Presentation of Self or Group Created Movements Week 12: Unilateral and Contralateral Work Week 13: Culminating Celebration – Award Ceremony

Site Requirement

Collaborate with Punch Kikk Fit staff to ensure the proper storage of equipment for the contracted period Ensure that Punch Kikk Fit staff and students have access to a safe and accessible dedicated space to teach session once a week for the allocated time.

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